Can Your Business & Your Community Get Along?

Growing Business + Community

The pressures of business are making it hard to
lead and grow your community.

Decisions feel complicated, & the two are painfully intertwined.

You find yourself anxious and cautious around community members, knowing that one wrong move could lead to mass exodus...or worse, nobody shows up in the first place.

You know that your business only exists as long as the customers do.

"What can I do to make sure that members stick around and participate?" Worry lingers. "If anybody does leave...will I be able to attract new members fast enough?"

What if your business + your community were complementary?

What if they were greater than the sum of their parts? You could:

  • Attract and retain better customers & community members.
  • Make more money to invest in growth.
  • Build a business & community that last a long time.
  • Enjoy your work more - and isn't that reason to be in a community in the first place?

This eBook is full of practical and actionable business lessons specifically for blending your business with your community.

It's helpful for offline and online communities:
meetup groups, startups, coworking/shared workspaces, forums, discussion lists & more.

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What's Included

Buying this eBook is like taking the "shortcut" ahead through the 5+ years of hard-earned learning that successfully built and grew the business side of our coworking community, Indy Hall.

There is zero fluff and no filler in this book.

It's been cut down to be brief ('cuz you're busy) and actionable ('cuz you JFDI), full of concise, clear explanations & useful examples that you can apply right now.

This book includes lessons on:

Choosing Your Perfect Business Model

There are countless variations, but they all stem from a handful of simple, proven revenue-generating models for communities.

You'll learn which...

  • ...are the best models for your community that's young and growing
  • revenue streams become available as your community matures
  • ...kinds of revenue models should you avoid, and why?

You'll learn each model's strengths & weaknesses so you can mix and match to optimize
for business + community balance.

Setting Your Prices for Community & Business Success

Pricing effectively is difficult for all business, but it's especially hard for communities because the value is often intangible.

You'll learn how you can...

  • ...strategically set prices to increase member retention
  • ...grow revenue along with community member participation
  • ...avoid sending the wrong messages and attracting the wrong customers
  • ...make more money than you thought possible by understanding the value of community to your members

You'll be able to confidently grow your business and make smarter business decisions without putting your community at risk.

Planning and Executing Next Steps

Your success will lead to growth of your business and community, but growth can present to a whole new set of challenges:

You'll be prepared to:

  • ...hire staff to help scale your role as community member and leader
  • ...keep members close knit-and trusting as your member roster expands quickly
  • ...budget and plan for the changing financial needs of a growing business and community
  • ...navigate and prioritize the complicated partnerships and infrastructure improvements that come along with growth

You'll be able to see the future clearer as you work hard to maintain your community's strong culture at scale.

This is hard-earned knowledge that you can apply today

The lessons in this eBook come from my own years of hard-earned experiences, as well as the hundreds of books and articles worth of research and reading that I've digested. This advice has already helped businesses and communities around the world.

The entire package is delivered INSTANTLY to you in the form of an easy to read eBook (DRM-free, high-resolution PDF) that can be read on your computer, Smart Phone, or e-reader of choice.

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About the Author

Alex Hillman

Hi, I'm Alex Hillman. I'm the co-founder of Philadelphia's Indy Hall, one of the world's most respected coworking communities with over 6 consecutive years of vibrant growth and hundreds of active members. I've also actively lead the Global Coworking Community online with 4000+ members since 2006.

You can read my no-nonsense flavor of thinking about coworking, community, & the future of business on my blog, on the Svbtle network, and I tweet as @alexknowshtml.

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